What’s all this about green tea?


Over the years more and more scientific research has been made into the health benefits offered by all types of tea. However, it seems every week a new report is released about the most recent study concerning green tea.

The main reason for such interest is the fact green tea is high in antioxidants (polyphenols), often referred to as ECGC or catechins, and it is their abundance that provides us with some specific health benefits.

Green tea and body fat.
Whilst the reported health benefits of green tea are many, one of the more topical is the suggestion that consuming between 3 – 5 cups a day can help you ‘loose weight.’ The good news for many of us is the results from these studies suggest green tea and indeed other teas too like White and Oolong Tea, may help you to boost your metabolism and burn body fat, but the actual increase in calories burned on a daily basis are only about 80 calories. Experts agree the idea should not be to ‘lose weight’ as such, but to burn excess body fat and increase muscle using a combination of regular healthy eating, weights and exercise . However, as part of your healthy lifestyle, it appears drinking 3-5 cups of green tea a day may help you even if just a little!

Looking good!
In January 2010 the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a trial in which scientists report green tea catechins are absorbed by the lens, retina and other eye tissues. As a result of their findings, scientists conclude that green tea may help fight glaucoma and other eye diseases.

Which green tea should you drink?
Quite simply, ones you like! There is a huge range of green and flavoured green teas and it’s important if you want to drink green tea as part of your healthy lifestyle, you find ones you’ll enjoy. Main factors to consider:

-choose good quality tea from a reputable supplier us like us!!!- the difference in taste is amazing
-sample teas before buying larger quantities
-use good quality water -this affects the taste of the tea
-use the correct water temperature and infusion time ( usually around 80°C, 1½ – 3mins for green tea) Too hot or infuse for too long and your tea will taste bitter.

I love our green tea with pomegranate!  Not only will you get the benefits from the green tea but the pomegranate too.
Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, substances that help the body fight and prevent our cells from aging. According to the ACAI Health and Nutrition Resource Center, antioxidants, such as those found in pomegranates, are shown to boost the immune system, fight and lower the risk of cancer and prevent diabetes.

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Now, most importantly, ENJOY!

I’m of to enjoy some tea!!!


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