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Hey guys 

We’ve just launched our tea site and tea club. What do you think?

I thought I’d just take the time to introduce myself. I’m Graham and the owner of Marie’s tea. It started out with a love of experimenting with flavours and baking. But I soon began to look experimenting with my love of tea.  And that’s it Marie’s tea was born. We just won’t talk about the tea that tasted like smoked salmon!

I partially enjoy green and white teas, I enjoy the delicate taste and aromas (I don’t add milk or sugar to tea, so I can get its natural taste). Our Green tea with pomegranate and our white tea with cinnamon, mint and blackberry are my personal favourites.

In my non-existent spare time I love to bake and I’m also an Assistant County commissioner for Kent scouts.

Then there’s Greg he enjoys black teas mostly, like our masala Chia, unlike me he adds milk and sugar to his tea. He was also they guy behind our detox tea. A great pick me up and great for helping to dispel the toxins we build up.

Greg is also an explorer scout Leader, helping to give kids the best possible start in life and throughout later years.  

Myself and Greg have spent a lot of time getting these teas just right. We love all of our varieties of tea. Let us know what you think.

Myself and Greg will be writing a weekly blog and taking you on a journey along with us learning more about tea, where it comes from and the properties it has.


Speak to you guys soon

Graham and Greg


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