We at Marie’sTea absolutely love Tea in all its forms. Graham has a passion for Green teas, not only for the health benefits but when brewed properly the amazing taste. Whereas Greg, he’s a huge fan of black tea but likes to indulge in a Rooibos (especially our Blueberry Pancake) every now and again. Then there’s Kye he’ll drink any tea!!

Our tea is not adulterated in any way – at no point in the manufacturing process is anything added. The tea that you drink is quite simply just dried ingredients and therefore totally natural.

The ethical sourcing of tea is taken very seriously at Marie’s Tea. As the majority of tea estates are not only located in rural parts of the world, but also very labour intensive, a tea estate is run more like a small settlement. As with any village or small town, the infrastructure must be such that the population is supported which means schools, housing, transport, hospitals, crèches, electricity, running water and social activities must all be provided. The tea estate itself will usually provide all these services either free of charge or heavily subsidised to ensure the workforce is at the very minimum, supported to the levels required by local laws.