Merry Christmas

As mentioned in our last newsletter Graham and Greg have been working very hard behind the scenes with new flavours and new products coming your way for the new year. We will also be working with The River Foundation to insure our company is as eco friendly as possible which is something we have been slowly working towards. 

As a Christmas gift from us use discount code “christmas” to get 10% off anything in our online shop but remember to get your orders in by the 18th to be sure of receiving them by Christmas.

We still want to hear from you any flavours or types of tea you want to see then please get in touch. Anything flavour you suggest that we turn into a tea, we will make sure you receive a free bag. 

In this festive but cold time, there’s nothing better than a chai tea not only does it taste amazing, it’s great at giving you that extra energy you need throughout the day, helps with digestion, alleviates nausea, as well as aches and pains it can also support your immune system and your overall body health.